Dexibell Vivo H1

VIVO Home è il perfetto incontro tra armonia estetica e qualità sonora. Avevamo un’idea: contrastare la tendenza che vede i pianoforti digitali come brutte copie di pianoforti acustici ed abbiamo creato un pianoforte digitale con un’anima distinta ed un design superbo. 

88 key Weigthed Hammer Action
Tone Generator T2L
Sampling and Modelling Technology
XXL wave size, up to 15 seconds on lower piano notes
Sound Wave Format
24 bit linear – 48KHz (Internal processing and DSP at 32 bit floating)
Digital Analog Convertion
24 bit linear – 48KHz, Dynamic Range, S/N: 106dB
Maximun Polyphony
Unlimited with 320 Oscillator
80 + user down loadable from website
Internal: 20  – User: Unlimited loadable from USB memory
Wave Memory
1.5 GB fully changable by the user with Dexibell and Sound Font Format
Keyboard Mode
Layer, Split and 4 Hands
Touch sensitivity
7 types + Fixed
24 Types
6 independent DSP Effects x 17 types (2x Main, 2xCoupled, 2xLower) using “seamless changes” tecnology at effect recall
Master Equalizer
3 band Digital Equalizer
.wav, aiff, mp3, in all format, frequency and bit rate
wav (48 kHz, 32-bit floating) on USB Memory
Master Tuning
415,4 Hz to 466,1 Hz (adjustable increments of 0,1 Hz) + 2 Preset (440 Hz, 442 Hz)
9 types
User Temperament
YES: 3 User

YES with TAP Tempo + 13 standard tempo preset
Rhythm Patterns
X MURE APP for i-phone and i-pad (free) with multitracks audio patterns
Output: Output jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type
Phones: 2 – 1 jack 1/4 -inch phone type 1 mini jack
Pedal: Progressive Damper Action Pedal with sympathetic resonance simulation
Progressive Soft Pedal / Function assignable
Sostenuto Pedal with sympathetic resonance simulation / Function assignable
USB: To Host (MIDI & Digital Audio In/Out), to Device (Memory & Midi)
Aux In: 1 jack (stereo mini-jack)
Graphic LCD 128×64 dots Organic LED, high contrast type
2 Full range x 8.9 cm (3.5 inches)
Rated Power Output
35 W x 2 max @ THD+N < 0.1% DSP on Amplifier Dynamic EQ – 3 band Compressor Volume Level SPL 108.1 dB max Power Consumption Stand bt: < 0.2 W - Maximum 32 W "ErP" Level VI for Echo efficiency on stand-by consumption Dimensions Width 1420 mm – Depth 360 mm – Height 793 mm Weight 45 Kg