Dexibell Digital Piano Vivo H3

TP-100 LR: 88 – Keys Weigthed, Hammer action – Triple contact
Tone Generator
T2L Sampling and Modelling Technology
XXL wave size, up to 15 seconds on lower piano notes
Sound Wave Format
24 bit linear – 48KHz (Internal processing and DSP at 32 bit floating)
Digital Analog Convertion
24 bit linear – 48KHz, Dynamic Range, S/N: 106dB
Maximun Polyphony
Unlimited with 320 Oscillator
80 + user down loadable from website
Internal: 20  – User: Unlimited loadable from USB memory
Wave Memory
1.5 GB fully changable by the user with Dexibell and Sound Font Format
Keyboard Mode
Layer, Split and 4 Hands
Touch sensitivity
7 types + Fixed
24 Types
6 independent DSP Effects x 17 types (2x Main, 2xCoupled, 2xLower) using “seamless changes” tecnology at effect recall
Master Equalizer
3 band Digital Equalizer
.wav, aiff, mp3, in all format, frequency and bit rate
wav (48 kHz, 32-bit floating) on USB Memory
Master Tuning
415,4 Hz to 466,1 Hz (adjustable increments of 0,1 Hz) + 2 Preset (440 Hz, 442 Hz)
9 types
User Temperament
YES: 3 User

YES with TAP Tempo + 13 standard tempo preset
Rhythm Patterns
X MURE APP for i-phone and i-pad (free) with multitracks audio patterns
Output: Output jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type
Phones: 2 – 1 jack 1/4 -inch phone type 1 mini jack
Pedal: Progressive Damper Action Pedal with sympathetic resonance simulation
Progressive Soft Pedal / Function assignable
Sostenuto Pedal with sympathetic resonance simulation / Function assignable
USB: To Host (MIDI & Digital Audio In/Out), to Device (Memory & Midi)
Aux In: 1 jack (stereo mini-jack)
Streaming Audio Input
Graphic LCD 128×64 dots Organic LED, high contrast type
2 woofer x 8.9 cm (3,5 inches)
2 tweeter x 1,3 cm (0,5 inches))
Rated Power Output
35 W x 2 max @ THD+N < 0.1% DSP on Amplifier Dynamic EQ – 3 band Compressor Volume Level SPL 108.1 dB max Power Consumption Stand bt: < 0.2 W - Maximum 32 W "ErP" Level VI for Echo efficiency on stand-by consumption Dimensions Width 1420 mm – Depth 360 mm – Height 793 mm Weight 45 Kg